What people say about Kelly Helliwell and Freedom from the Doghouse

Kelly Helliwell is an outstanding person and trainer. She has done wonders with my puppy who was very hyper. I left classes where my puppy was being trained as I did not like the way that they treated the animals. My puppy responded to Kelly very differently, as she is never harsh and does not speak loudly to her. She is always patient and if she has to go over what she has already trained her to do she does so very gently.

Kelly is very up to date on solutions for solving problems with the dogs. She is up to date on the latest technologies of training and behavioral problems. She has only been engaged to train my puppy but goes over things with my older dog and does it all in her stride. To her this is not a chore, she gently guides him and is very patient. She is not into using harmful practices like other courses do.  She is always extremely careful that when I am training my puppy I do not use tactics that will make her afraid, will hurt her and make her feel insecure.

Kelly usually sends information on the subject that she has trained your dog on, so that you can always refer back to what she has done. You are never out of information. If there is a problem and you let her know she always has solutions, things that you would not have thought of.

I recommend Kelly very highly to my friends who have difficult dogs in case they are looking for someone to assist them with training. Anyone using Kelly’s services will not be disappointed. She is not only a good trainer, but a wonderful person. She is the best.
Stella Warner – Scarborough, Ontario

Kelly Helliwell is an outstanding trainer and human being. She treats her clients with kindness and patience and runs her business with the utmost integrity and honesty. She is well educated in the science of canine training and behaviour, keeping herself up to date on the latest scientific findings.

She is committed to using only positive reinforcement training methods ensuring your dog will never be subjected to any methods or techniques that may cause harm, fear, pain or intimidation.  Ms. Helliwell will go above and beyond the call of duty to make your training experience very educational, informative, and most importantly, effective.
Yamei Ross
CANINE SOS Inc. – Oshawa, Ontario

Kelly Helliwell is great with dogs. She was able to handle my Great Dane with ease and provided me with the knowledge I needed to successfully train my dog and teach him proper behaviours. Along with knowledge Kelly also provided me reinforcement and practices that helped me to apply the knowledge. I learned that not only the dog needed training but I did as well.  From body movements to rewards I learned how my dog reacts to what I do and say.

Having Samson meet Kelly in his natural surroundings was of great benefit. It made both him and I feel comfortable. As a trainer of adults I know how important the proper environment for training is!

I would highly recommend Kelly to assist you in training your dog – no matter how big or small!
Glade Holder – Pickering, Ontario

After experiencing some setbacks with our 7 year old Standard Schnauzer, we had Kelly Helliwell come in to meet and assess him. Kelly quickly got him back on track with the basics and we were then able to move on to more advanced training. We had tried two different dog training programs in the past but never saw the results that we did after working with Kelly.

Kelly seems to have a special gift when it comes to dogs. She clearly understands how to communicate with them and has been able to teach us how to apply specific techniques so that we can achieve favourable results. Walking with our dog is now a joy, not a tug of war, and watching him progress with more difficult commands and expectations has been amazing.

I personally enjoyed all the sessions that we had with Kelly. She is very creative in her methods and I always feel that I have learned as much as my dog has. I always appreciate the fact that she follows up with her clients after a session with additional thoughts and advice, or just to see if there are any additional questions that we may have.

Through Kelly’s extensive knowledge and unlimited patience I feel that I have become a better pet owner of a better behaved pet. Thank you Kelly!
Jill Mueller – Pickering, Ontario

I am writing this to share an experience that I recently had training our young dogs. I had originally used the typical pet store training sessions but found them to be too crowded and with too many distractions for my 6 month old dog.  I also noticed that what worked in class didn’t always work at home so I decided to go a different route and that is when I came across Freedom from the Doghouse. The owner is a woman named Kelly Helliwell. Kelly provides in-home dog training and behaviour modification in the Pickering, Scarborough and Durham Region. Her training is done in a positive and friendly environment – your own home! She follows up with TONS of personalized information. If you are looking for a trainer, I highly recommend Freedom from the Doghouse.

BTW – Kelly is not my friend, relative or neighbour – she is just a great dog trainer!
Susan Milley – Whitby, Ontario