What is Freedom from the Doghouse?

Freedom from the Doghouse is a service that provides dog training and behaviour modification in the Pickering, Scarborough and Durham Region.  Training is done in the comfort of your own home in a positive and friendly manor.  Freedom from the Doghouse specializes in positive approaches to family dog training, behaviour and aggression counseling, early socialization and dog bite prevention education.  There is no use of choke chains, pinch, prong or electronic collars.

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Why Bother Training Your Dog?
According to Nicholas Dodman, Program Director of Animal Behaviour at the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts, about half of all dogs born in the U.S. will not live to see a second birthday.  They won’t succumb to disease or accident –  they will be put down because of bad behaviour.

Although there isn’t a similar statistic available in Canada, the trend is likely comparable.

This is a sad commentary on our lives with our canine companions and best friends and the main reason I started Freedom from the Doghouse.  While you can’t change a dog’s genetics, the teaching of appropriate manners is in our hands.  Providing your dog with correct training and opportunities to learn is an invaluable investment in having a happy future with your dog.

Please contact Freedom from the Doghouse to start training your way to a healthy and happy future with your dog.

Kelly Helliwell
Owner, Trainer and In-Home Consultant
Freedom from the Doghouse

Contact Freedom from the Doghouse at info@doghousefreedom.com

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